How to zoom and move the Diorama Scene

You can use the z-key or the space-bar on your computer keyboard to activate some extra functions in the diorama.

To zoom into the scene or to zoom out of the scene, please press the z-key on your keyboard and move the mouse-pointer in the diorama window with the mouse button pressed.

To pan the scene, please press the space-bar on your keyboard and drag the content with the mouse button pressed in the diorama window.

How to switch the language inside the Diorama.

Please use the Gear-Symbol in the lower right corner of the Diorama to switch the language.


The aim of bodyxq is to empower you to take better charge of your own health by understanding that a healthy body requires healthy cells. While you enjoy this excursion into the body and its organs you may be surprised about the ease and the logic of the information. And you may ask yourself: “Why has nobody else told me this important information before?”

There is a strikingly simple answer: Diseases are ‘big business’ – and your health destroys this multi-trillion dollar ‘business with disease’. Those business interests know: The lesser we, the people of the world, understand about the root causes of diseases, the more money they can make from these ongoing diseases. We have to realize that health – and the information to stay healthy – will not be given to us voluntarily. We have to take action towards this goal.


The key to health is education. Precisely this is the purpose of this interactive health education program, bodyxq. As you will see with essentially all diseases explained in bodyxq, the necessary change towards better health happens first in your own mind. Only when you understand, will you be able to act. You will also see that this change is not a random event or a question whom to believe. With almost mathematical precision we can identify the essential “Steps to Change” towards better health:

  • 1. Today’s most common diseases are not under control. As a first step, we have to realize that, despite sporadic progress, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other common health problems of today are continuing in epidemic proportions. On a global level essentially all these diseases are projected to increase. If any disease continues to spread and take the lives of millions of people worldwide we have to accept the fact that the efforts of conventional medicine to control or eliminate this epidemic have failed.
  • 2. The root causes of today’s most common diseases are largely unknown. Conventional, pharmaceutically-oriented medicine admits that the root causes for today’s most common diseases are poorly – or not at all – understood. Even the textbooks of medicine used at medical schools around the world admit this fact. To hide this alarming fact, conventional medicine uses Latin or Greek code words as diagnosis. Millions of people around the world are diagnosed with ‘essential’ high blood pressure, ‘idiopathic’ heart muscle failure or ‘paroxysmal’ irregular heartbeat. All these different words, however, have the same meaning: "We do not know the cause of the disease."
  • 3. If the root cause is not known, no specific health approach can be developed. It goes without saying that if the root cause of a disease is not known, no specific health measure to prevent or reverse this health problem can be developed and made available to patients. This explains why the great majority of prescription drugs available today are merely addressing the symptoms of a disease but is unable to target or correct the root cause. Moreover, since most of these drugs are patented synthetic substances they are not biological substances our body can easily handle and eliminate if needed. This, in turn, explains the fact that most prescription drugs are associated with harmful side-effects and that the deaths from the known adverse effects of prescription drugs have become the third leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • 4. The urgent need for new health approaches. From all the above it is obvious that we need new approaches if we want to control today’s most common diseases. These new approaches have to start at one decisive point: Identifying the correct root causes of these diseases at the cellular level. This is why this new direction is called "Cellular Health" and "Cellular Medicine". Understanding the cellular causes of diseases paves the way for understanding the pathways of cellular regulation by means of micronutrients and other biological molecules that "speak" the language of our body and can correct malfunctions at the cellular level.

Background information


YOU living in a world where people live on average one hundred years and longer – and where heart attacks, cancer and other common diseases of today are essentially unknown. YOU can help create this world.

YOU may say: I am not a health professional – I am a student, teacher, worker, mother and housewife, or a senior citizen. It does not matter – YOU can!

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